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Woman. Middle-aged. Opinionated. Fiesty (she's told). Smart. Loving. Creative. Blunt. Kind. Contradictory. Go Figure. And funny. I always forget funny. Kinda funny, when you think about it. As a business owner, I am interested in how other businesses run and often comment on various websites. As an almost-empty-nester, I comment on weekend getaways in Florida. We enjoying "discovering" out of the way places and quirky venues. As an aspiring writer, I will also chronicle my attempts at obtaining an agent. At the time of this writing, March of 2011, I am uninterested in self-publishing for a variety of reasons.

Long Time Gone

Oh, I do apologize for my long absence! My followers at my old writing site have left numerous notes (there, not here) asking for a new entry. I’m not sure I care to jump back in over there (for a … Continue reading

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The March of Time

If I could save time in a bottle, I’d still lose track of it! My endeavors are honest ones. I took up the hobby of canning of garden vegetables and when a fantastic deal of almost free (one dollar for … Continue reading

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A Work in Progress

We enjoy the last vestiges of springtime in Florida. Mornings are still soft and cool, but summer’s humidity is a footstep away, so I try to enjoy these moments when the sun is not so fierce. At night cicadas fill … Continue reading

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What’s New, What’s Old

I had the best of intentions, truly I did, but a wild mix of webpage and blog ghostwriting (8 pages! 5 more ordered!) along with the usual Spring Break visitors that come and go, seasoned with a family mini-crisis (in … Continue reading

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Publishing Annoucement

Learning to navigate wordpress is a bit challenging for those of us who are, er, technologically challenged, but I’m learning. My hope is that wordpress will be the central information spot for those interested in my writing. Today, I will … Continue reading

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Testing Out Options

I’m going to use this post for practice. I’ve chosen the “kitchen sink” icon to get more options, but am disappointed to find no way to change font type or size. Let’s see if I can random a picture…nope don’t … Continue reading

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Jars of Glass

The golden hues of afternoon warm the walls of my home, a place of messy piles: the fossils are there, the cigar box purses here, the shells are in glass jars that sit on the windowsill, making it quite inconvenient … Continue reading

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