Testing Out Options

I’m going to use this post for practice. I’ve chosen the “kitchen sink” icon to get more options, but am disappointed to find no way to change font type or size. Let’s see if I can random a picture…nope don’t think I did it. Hmmm…draft? Yes. Public? Yes, but I’m adding “Stick this post to the front page”.

I’ll be back for a second round soon. The only question still unanswered is how to make my wordpress blog available to those who don’t want to join the site but do want to see my announcements regarding story/magazine articles/book publishings. One central blog that all can read will save me much needed time, so I’d like to find a place that can serve that function.

For now, I’ll close and publish.


About conniekauffman

Woman. Middle-aged. Opinionated. Fiesty (she's told). Smart. Loving. Creative. Blunt. Kind. Contradictory. Go Figure. And funny. I always forget funny. Kinda funny, when you think about it. As a business owner, I am interested in how other businesses run and often comment on various websites. As an almost-empty-nester, I comment on weekend getaways in Florida. We enjoying "discovering" out of the way places and quirky venues. As an aspiring writer, I will also chronicle my attempts at obtaining an agent. At the time of this writing, March of 2011, I am uninterested in self-publishing for a variety of reasons.
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12 Responses to Testing Out Options

  1. Mark Cain says:

    Welcome to the blogosphere!

  2. bsgeezer says:

    Yes, I’m also going to see if there’s a way to move this blog beyond a private diary! You can also join WritersPub.com through WordPress; that’s an online “club” for writers. You post your stuff and get feedback from fellow scribes.

  3. Richard, I’ve found some good links to share with you. Will send tonight.

  4. lexi says:

    You go girl….

  5. Connie, I’m impressed. You’ve already received so many comments! Looking forward to your future posts.

  6. rubyjule says:

    it’s nice to see you here. i look forward to seeing your book come out.

  7. Tigerhawk says:

    Everything has their own little way of running things, don’t they? Gotta love it…or not. šŸ™‚

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