Who, What, When, Where, Why

This is not my first blog, but wordpress seems to be the blogsite of choice and my old place was getting stale and full of spammers. It was time to move, but I resisted for a very long time, simply because the familiar becomes so comfortable. So let’s begin, shall we? Pull up a chair, grab a cup of coffee and join me in conversation.

Our Florida finish trim carpentry business has struggled through the recession, but jobs are finally coming in and it is good to hear ringing phones again. We recently hired one of our three sons back after a very long lay-off. When the housing market collapsed, our eldest son pursued a career in psychology, finally putting his college degree to work. Our youngest son is now in North Carolina, running a car dealership. We hope to hire him back, as well. In the meantime, our middle child is helping us to keep up with the sudden upturn in business. They say that after a recession, rebound is always higher than the previous boom. We shall see. I plan to use the first part of each blog as business commentary.

I am an aspiring writer, looking for an agent to peddle my book A Scent of Oleander, a murder mystery set in a Florida swamp. I’ve finished the manuscript, had it edited, and have received the copyright, a very long process when done correctly. All I need is for someone to take a chance on me.

It tells the story of Annie, a recently divorced mother of an almost grown son, who is trying to regain her balance after her sudden break-up. Annie, sensitive and spunky, has withdrawn from people, or at least she’s tried. Her flamboyant neighbor, Linda, and her older pal at church, Pat, keep knocking on her door for one thing or another. For escape, Annie takes her canoe deep into the swamp that abuts her back yard, and discovers a long-buried treasure, just as her property is threatened by developers.

Annie works to designate her property as protected wetland and fights to keep her property, at least until she can get her discovery out of the swamp and into safe hands. Then Annie discovers deliberate sabotage that sends shivers up her back when she realizes that she might be putting her life on the line. Before it’s over, Annie faces angry alligators, a hurricane and a trial by fire as she and her buddy Luke scramble through the swamp just ahead of a murderer and an approaching storm.

As I search for an agent, I continue to write and am currently working on a novel set in the 1930s, based on my grandmother’s recently discovered letters that tell the story of a dirt poor widow with five children at home as she and the other women in her family try to scratch out a living in rural Florida during the height of the Great Depression.

I also write extensively online, mostly about life in Florida. Two of my stories are soon to be published in the latest edition of the DeSoto County Historical Society’s ongoing book series the chronicles the founding of Arcadia, Florida and surrounding area.

Today’s writing was interrupted as a ruckus erupted in the Live Oak beyond the feeder, The other birds flew away from the uproar playing out, hidden amongst the foliage. The cause of the disturbance finally burst forth: a large hawk with a wingspan of at least three feet. His size was no match for the angry mocking birds riding his back as he tried to escape their wrath.

The mocking birds defended their nest with outraged ferocity, the stark white stripes of the undersides of their tail feathers slashing the air as they stabbed at the hawk’s back with beak and talon. The hawk was chased for miles before the couple returned, full of anxious chattering. The mockingbirds’ bad moods continued throughout the day and they dove and diverted any creature unfortunate enough to violate their unseen boundaries.

A screech of tires and honking horns in the distance indicated another breach of space, the flash of traffic lights apparently not as convincing as the mockingbird’s discipline…

And I, too, turn my attention back to my business obligations, shelving my dreams of becoming an author until I can write again tomorrow. For now, I satisfy myself with “A Good Start”.


About conniekauffman

Woman. Middle-aged. Opinionated. Fiesty (she's told). Smart. Loving. Creative. Blunt. Kind. Contradictory. Go Figure. And funny. I always forget funny. Kinda funny, when you think about it. As a business owner, I am interested in how other businesses run and often comment on various websites. As an almost-empty-nester, I comment on weekend getaways in Florida. We enjoying "discovering" out of the way places and quirky venues. As an aspiring writer, I will also chronicle my attempts at obtaining an agent. At the time of this writing, March of 2011, I am uninterested in self-publishing for a variety of reasons.
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8 Responses to Who, What, When, Where, Why

  1. Mr WordPress says:

    Hi, this is a comment.
    To delete a comment, just log in, and view the posts’ comments, there you will have the option to edit or delete them.

  2. Hi Connie!
    This is your niece, Tonya. I use Kerrigan as my pen name. I don’t know if I’ll keep as that so I haven’t really let a lot of people know yet.

    You might try Dystel & Goderich Literary Management. They read every MS they receive–they don’t go into a “slush” pile to be forgotten about.

    Good luck!

  3. Suzanne says:

    I enjoyed reading your blog and thought it was awesome the way you mophed from one subject into another … the comparison of the birds & traffic and so much more. Keep writing & I’ll keep reading. Oh, by the way your novel sounds soooo good. I hope you get it published soon so I can find out what happens! Love Ya!

  4. Maggie says:

    Hi Connie, I always enjoyed your writing. I hope you will be successful with the book, you deserve a break like that. Congratulations on your short stories. I would certainly love to read them, fascinated by the people who cooked food on their cars’ engines! Amazing history is documented in the small detailed stories like yours. Keep up the good work.
    I’m also publishing very short stories(500 words) for a column now, and it’s a start. At least I get paid for it and for that I’m thankful! Enjoy a great day!


  5. Robin says:

    It’s Robin from OD. I was trying to sign up so that when you posted a new entry I would be notified but I don’t see that option yet I know it exists because I have another friend with a blog here on WordPress and they always email me wehn she updates.
    Oh well, I am glad I finally stopped by to say hello & I will be back.
    I hope that you’re doing well.

    • Hi, Robin! Good to have you here and thanks for subscribing. I’m swamped with writing web pages for SEO companies, so I’ve not had much time to post, but will try to get to it soon. Thanks for reading!

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